"Your work is very needed, beautifully articulated, and clear as a bell."

- Margaret J. Wheatley,

Acclaimed Speaker and Writer, President Emerita, Berkana Institute


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Increasing Productivity in Sustainable Ways

Everyone in the private and nonprofit sectors today is faced with doing more with less. Bridgeway Partners helps you and your entire organization be more effective in the face of the dual challenges of expanding workload and diminishing resources. Our unique Beyond Time Management™ approach enables people to surmount the inevitable limitations of time by learning to cultivate their energy and focus in sustainable ways.

Improving Individual Productivity

HandsWe work with individual leaders through our Beyond Time Management™ workshop. The focus is on shifting your time from managing crises to leading your organization. You are able to gain at least 8 hours per week by:

  • Augmenting traditional time management tools with neuroscience-based practices which enhance focus and energy
  • Managing interruptions and sustaining a positive quality of life
  • Managing yourself – the only resource you can ultimately control

Case Study

Ellen is a senior manager in a large biotech firm. Since Ellen is in a corporate staff position, she often is assigned and takes on projects from many different parts of her organization. When she came to us, her arrival time at work was 7:30 am, and she "worked non-stop", frequently leaving for home at 6:00 pm or even later with a full briefcase. She often ate lunch at her desk and still could not get all her work done.

As a single mom, Ellen’s primary stake in changing her behavior was to have more time, energy, and attention for her two teenage daughters. The first thing we did was to help her understand what was really happening during those ten hours that she experienced as non-stop work. She realized that by 3:00 pm or earlier she was often very tired: confused about next steps, floundering at her desk, or socializing rather than working.

Since Ellen saw herself as hard-working and action oriented, she was surprised to discover that she spent a fair amount of time dodging work that she found tedious - or was even afraid of - by concentrating on low priority e-mails, doing "research" on the internet, and attending extensive meetings. Working with Bridgeway Partners, she cultivated patience and reduced her impulsivity. She identified and focused on key priorities, overcame her aversion to tasks that required writing, and engaged support to make the more detail-oriented work more palatable. She now reports being much more relaxed, focused and productive.

What clients are saying about the Beyond Time Management™ workshop:

"Enabled me to reflect on my time management behaviors in ways I never have. I am now charged and excited."

Robert Muller

Director, Supply Chain Planning, QVC

"Addresses underlying behaviors and beliefs that keep most of us from meeting our fullest potential at work and home."

Martin DeBerardinis

Director, Pharmaceutical R&D, AstraZeneca

"If you want to understand why you work the way you do and want to make a change, this is the seminar to attend."

Joanne Russell

Vice President, Core Enhancement Center Operations, Healthways, Inc.

Increasing Organizational Productivity

We also help your organization increase its overall productivity. Organizational overload is costly – leading to extensive crisis management, failed communications, missed deadlines, poor quality, rework, low morale, stress-related illnesses, and burnout. Moreover, the more chaotic and unproductive the organization, the more difficult it is for the majority of individuals to do their best and most important work. 

We help organizations – not just individuals – learn to manage time better and work more effectively and efficiently in sustainable ways by:

  • Understanding why organizational overload persists despite people’s best efforts to contain it
  • Making a fundamental choice about the work culture you want to promote
  • Clarifying a strategy that focuses priorities and limits goals
  • Supporting people to make conscious agreements
  • Cultivating sustainable energy
  • Increasing email and meeting productivity

As a result, organizations become more strategic, sustain focus on key priorities, cultivate people’s collective intelligence, meet deadlines with quality on budget, and achieve high customer satisfaction – all without burning people out.

Case Study

The clinical informatics group of a major health care company found itself caught in a dynamic of over-promising and under-delivering to its internal customers. We helped them surface the dynamic and realize its costs in terms of not only relentless stress experienced by group members, but also the poor quality and missed deadlines of their deliverables and the resulting loss of customer credibility.

We showed them the importance of setting more realistic expectations with customers and trained them in how to make agreements they could reliably keep. As a result, the group members reduced their high stress levels, improved the quality and timeliness of their deliverables, and regained credibility with customers.

"The Executive Time Management program enabled our organization to understand the root causes of our difficulties in managing time. Individual members of the organization learned through great content and exercises to better manage information, reduce phantom workload, make SMART requests and commitments, and increase meeting productivity. We now want to work with David and Marilyn to apply these skills collectively."

Blackford Middleton

Director, Clinical Informatics R & D, Partners HealthCare