You will move step-by-step through a proven behavior change process to help you learn and apply new practices to manage your energy and focus.

To learn more read our article "Managing Your Time as a Leader" or contact us to explore bringing this workshop to your organization.

Beyond Time Management™

Leading Your Organization with Energy and Focus

Shift your time from crisis management to organizational leadership. Gain at least 8 hours per week by using the principles you’ll learn in this two-day workshop!

Augment Traditional Time Management Practices with New Ones Designed
to Help You:

  • Build on what you already know about goal-setting, to-do lists, and delegation
  • Make intelligent tradeoffs in an environment whereevery task is presented as a priority
  • Stop putting off your difficult essential tasks
  • Improve your organization’s productivity as well asyour own

Manage Interruptions and Sustain a Positive Quality of Life:

  • Learn techniques to manage interruptions
  • Manage e-mail more efficiently and effectively
  • Find time for renewal to sustain your productivity and quality of life

Manage Yourself—the Only Resource You Can Ultimately Control:

  • Discover how you might be increasing time pressure in your efforts to alleviate it
  • Learn to cultivate energy and focus rather than managetime
  • Develop essential leadership qualities