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Achieve breakthrough results in service of a shared goal.

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Is your company, organization, or community struggling with making real sustainable progress towards the initiatives that matter most? Bridgeway Partners’ consulting services can help you achieve breakthrough change in service of a shared goal.

We work with you to:

  • Build a foundation for sustainable change by identifying key stakeholders, cultivating learning partnerships, and developing skills for catalytic conversations.
  • Uncover why a problem persists despite people’s best efforts to solve it.
  • Make an explicit choice in favor of what you care about most deeply.
  • Identify and act on high-leverage interventions to produce sustainable system-wide improvement.

We honor peoples’ good intentions and illustrate why these often are insufficient for achieving desired results. We approach differences as opportunities for learning and build the capacity for bridging often divergent views about why problems persist and how to solve them.

We start by building a learning partnership with your organization that values each person’s perspective and searches for common interests and understandings.

We often work with groups of individuals who come in believing that current difficulties are someone else’s fault, not theirs, and that someone else needs to change in order to improve the situation.

We help you mobilize both the individual and collective commitment to change by asking:

  • What has been happening over time?
  • What do you really want?
  • Who else needs to be involved to help you?
  • Why do your problems persist despite your best efforts to solve them?

We’ll engage your group in a shared inquiry into the dynamics of the system they impact and are affected by.

You’ll discover how your actions are interlinked and how each individual inadvertently contributes to the very problems you’re trying to solve. You might be surprised by how much power you reclaim by taking responsibility for the situation.

By deepening your awareness of current system dynamics, you’ll also uncover the hidden benefits of the way things are. Problems persist in part because there are always payoffs to the status quo. When you surface and discuss these payoffs, you can make a more conscious choice in favor of what is most important to you.

Systems analysis uncovers root causes of the current situation and therefore helps you target high-leverage interventions and organize them into a compelling strategy.

These processes often include building new relationships among different parts of the system, shifting ways of thinking, and creating new goals – as well as building on what already works. You will also use the skills of continuous learning to track the unintended as well as intended consequences of your actions and adapt to changing circumstances.