“It was such a pleasure to have you Marilyn as a keynote at our annual learning conference. Your presence, your message, your humbleness and wonderful humor -- all wrapped together was just outstanding.”

- Pamela McLean, Ph. D
The Hudson Institute of
Santa Barbara

“David contributed a treasure trove of good examples, techniques, and insights that will enable us to continue designing workshops for a diversity of stakeholders and cultures."

- Lider Sucre, Co-Exeuctive Director, Earth Train

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Workshops, Keynotes and Talks

If you’re looking to create real, sustainable change within your organization or community, Bridgeway Partners tailors your workshop, keynote or talk specific ally to your goals, needs and interests . Whether presentations are delivered as a workshop or talk, we offer a lively interactive experience. Participant groups from 20-500 learn from actively engaging with the material.

Sample topics we have recently presented include:

Social Change

  • Leveraging Grant-making – This workshop enables funders to increase the return on their social investments by understanding how complex social systems often thwart people’s best intentions to improve them and identifying leverage points for greater and more lasting impact.
  • A Systems Approach to Solving Social Problems – Learn why good intentions and interventions to “get the whole system in the room” are insufficient to addressing such complex social issues as homelessness, obesity, and inequalities in education - and what you can do to align the commitments of diverse stakeholders to implement sustainable, high leverage solutions.
  • Preventing Policy Addiction – Policy makers often unwittingly become dependent on solutions to social problems that actually make the problems worse over time. In this session, you will learn why this occurs and what can be done to shift from quick fixes to more fundamental solutions to deep-seated problems

Sustainable Productivity

  • Managing Your Time as a Leader – Shift your time from crisis management to organizational leadership by augmenting traditional time management practices, staying focused on priorities in the face of unending requests and interruptions, sustaining a positive quality of life, and managing yourself - the only resource you can ultimately control.
  • Paradoxes of Time Management – Hurrying up can slow you down. Working longer hours can diminish your results. Gain work effectiveness by exploring how unexamined beliefs and behaviors about time management can hinder your long term productivity and well-being.
  • Overcoming Organizational Overload – Organizations, not just individuals find it difficult to stay focused on priorities in the face of continual distractions, crises and interruptions. Learn how organizational dynamics contribute to chaos and how to change them to sustain people’s collective energy, focus and creativity.
  • Organizing for Health and Well-Being – Learn how to regain or maintain health and well-being by getting more organized on material and deeper levels.

Organizational Learning And Systems Thinking

  • Leading Systemic Change – Learn to lead systemic change by building readiness, developing a shared understanding of why current issues persist, making an explicit commitment to change, and engaging high leverage interventions.
  • Holding Productive Conversations – We often avoid the conversations we most need to have.  Learn new ways of thinking, speaking, listening, and getting support to engage difficult conversations productively..
  • Creating More Effective Meetings – Learn new mindsets, tools, and skills that s hift your meetings from being a drain on time to an opportunity for effective joint action.