Michael Goodman

Michael GoodmanMichael is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and practitioner in the fields of Systems Thinking, Organizational Learning, and Leadership, Michael Goodman has pioneered many innovations in the field of system dynamics that have made it more accessible to business and organizational leaders.

Michael has published widely, authoring one of the first textbooks in the field, Study Notes in Systems Dynamics, and serving as the primary contributor to the Systems Thinking chapter in the acclaimed The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook. He also led the development of a web-based course, Systems Thinking: A Language for Learning & Action. Among his international clients are British Petroleum (Britain, Germany, Australia), Saudi Aramco Oil (Saudi Arabia), World Bank (USA, Philippines), Singapore Police Force (Singapore), Hyundai Corporation (South Korea), Gas Authority of India Limited (India) and Malaysian InfoSciences (Malaysia). His work on consulting projects has included the design and delivery of training sessions, individual coaching, side-by-side work with internal resources, and the engagement of strategic leadership teams to understand complex problems and identify the leverage points critical to their resolution. He is a charter member of the System Dynamics Society, and a charter member of the Society for Organizational Learning. He holds two Master’s Degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Michael is the Principal at Innovation Associates Organizational Learning.