"We appreciate Marilyn's clarity, her profound skill in identifying the critical issues, her commitment to working through difficult conversations, and partnering with us to move to our next level as a system."

- Marlene Seltzer, President,
Jobs for the Future

Marilyn Paul, Ph.D.

Marilyn Paul

Marilyn Paul, Ph.D., co-founder and Principal of Bridgeway Partners, is a workshop facilitator, speaker and coach. She helps individuals, groups and organizations find new perspectives and original solutions to persistent problems. She has a special ability in combining a focus on results with attention to individual growth and team development. Known for her powerful work in helping individuals and organizations get organized and manage their time better, Marilyn brings skills and humor to stuck situations.

Marilyn has worked in the corporate world, school systems, government, faith based organizations and health care. Her international work includes leading a management development program under the auspices of the World Health Foundation and the Israeli Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip. She has also been on the faculties of Colby College, Yale Medical School, Hebrew University School of Public Health, and the Massachusetts General Hospital School for Health Professions.

Before forming Bridgeway Partners, Marilyn was a senior consultant with Innovation Associates and then Arthur D. Little. Earlier in her career she was a senior consultant at Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group – supporting companies in creating high performing diverse organizations – and Workplace Systems – specialists in labor-management relations.

She is the author of It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys (NY: Penguin Compass, 2004), which has sold nearly 200,000 copies worldwide, and the recent book An Oasis in Time (NY: Rodale, 2017) for people seeking to increase their perspective, creativity, and energy in a 24/7 world.  

Marilyn has a Ph.D. from the Yale School of Organization and Management and an M.B.A. from Cornell. Her work has also appeared in a wide range of media including: National Public Radio - Morning Edition, the Chicago Tribune, the Discovery Channel, Yoga Journal and Publishers Weekly and Canadian National Television.