Businesses We Serve

Is your company experiencing roadblocks to sustained success because of untested beliefs and ways of doing things? Bridgeway Partners works with you to:

Solve chronic, complex problems

The systems-thinking approach goes beyond traditional process re-engineering to uncover the underlying goals, beliefs, and interdependencies that drive persistent business problems. By understanding these dynamics you’re able to identify the changes that can have a significant and lasting impact on the bottom line. Learn more about Building Capacity in Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking.

Align with external stakeholders to achieve breakthrough social change

Companies are increasingly challenged to integrate social and environmental responsibility into their core business strategy. This requires establishing trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with nonprofit organizations as well as government agencies.

We help you work together more effectively across all three sectors by deepening each sector’s appreciation for their respective strengths.

Building on the strengths of each group, multi-sector collaborations can achieve better social and environmental as well as financial results. Learn more about Facilitating Social Change.

Build executive teams

We help your executive teams function more effectively by:
  • Aligning team members around a shared vision and mission,
  • Developing a common picture of current reality,
  • Establishing strategic objectives,
  • Agreeing on both accountabilities and supporting roles to achieve these objectives,
  • Developing operating principles for how to work together,
  • Improving overall skills in holding productive conversations and managing effective meetings.
  • Learn more about Building Capacity in Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking.

Increase your productivity

Leaders and organizations are challenged by the need to do more with less. In their efforts to alleviate time pressure, they often unwittingly react in ways that increase pressure. We work with you to

Case Study

A $3.5 billion retailer hired us to help them navigate a period of tremendous change in the industry. We enabled the senior management team to align around a new mission and strategy, lead improvements in strategic as well as operational performance, and engage employees in cross-functional teamwork. In the first year of applying these new capabilities, the company made breakthrough progress in five strategic initiatives and achieved record profits while outperforming its competitors in a difficult market.

"David enabled our management team to align around a shared mission and strategy. As a result the directors are taking more responsibility to lead strategic change in the company. They are also working together better and initiating team management within and across their organizations."

Roger Holmes
Former Managing Director, Woolworths plc

"From a group of highly competent senior functional managers, David helped create a strong, focused and aligned business team. He was challenging and uncompromising in the standards of output he required—both in his personal and coaching relationships with us as individuals and in the wider Executive Team. The sense of common purpose that pervaded the organization following David's work with us helped achieve bottom-to-top alignment of our priorities."

Joan Howard
Group Human Resources Director, Woolworths plc