Faith Based Organizations

Is life within and around your faith-based organization moving too fast to pay attention to what matters most?   Bridgeway Partners works with clergy, administrators, and congregational members in a wide range of faith based and spiritually oriented organizations to learn new ways of attending to what they really care about.

You may find that your workload makes it hard to rest and renew yourself or connect with the Source of your life that nourishes you. Overwork and a constant fast pace can wear out even the most spiritually centered individual or group. You may also feel rushed or impatient with the very people you are trying to serve.

The blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul.
--Leonard Cohen

Bridgeway Partners helps you rethink and reshape how you work individually and collectively through coaching sessions, presentations, workshops, and curricula on such challenging concerns as engaging in aware action, making time for prayer and meditation, and creating time for deep renewal and acts of kindness.

"Marilyn is an exceptionally gifted leader: wise, resourceful, and a careful listener. She understands systems well, but more importantly, she understands what deeply matters, what systems can do to help us connect with the truly important and sustaining elements of our life, whatever they are. She helped me, an Episcopal priest, find better ways to restore and nourish myself while continuing to address the avalanche of demands that I face every day in my work."

Jep Streit
Dean, Cathedral Church of St. Paul

Please contact Marilyn Paul or call her at (617) 487-8767 to learn more.