Foundations and Nonprofits

The major question confronting your foundation or nonprofit today is how to achieve greater results with fewer resources. Bridgeway Partners helps you leverage your limited time, energy, and money with a systemic approach to social change.

You’ll be able to:

  • Increase the ability of diverse individuals to work together for the common good.
  • Implement sustainable solutions based on a deep understanding of why a social problem persists.
  • Strengthen the ability of your management team to lead strategic change.

We help you achieve these results through:

  • Designing and facilitating community-wide interventions which enable diverse stakeholders to not only talk to each other but also improve the quality of their collective thinking about the problem they want to solve. To learn more, visit Social Change.
  • Workshops in solving chronic, complex social problems for individual organizations and communities with a common concern. To learn more, visit Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking.
  • Working with senior management teams and individual leaders to help them collaborate more effectively in designing and implementing strategic change. To learn more, visit Organizational Learning and Systems Thinking.

Case Study

The incoming President of a large child welfare agency asked us to help her senior management team become more self-managing as well as strategic. After interviewing team members about their hopes and concerns for the organization, we designed and facilitated an offsite that enabled them to align around a strategic plan and improve their ability to work together to implement it. Team members also received follow-up coaching and met monthly for a year thereafter to monitor progress and continue to develop new leadership and collaboration skills. The President was able to focus more of her time externally and take advantage of her extensive community connections on behalf of the organization.

"Our executive team has made tremendous progress over six months of working together. As the team grows and changes, we plan to have David continue to work with us. He brought an extremely practical knowledge of systems and how they function, an excellent theoretical framework within which to think about our work, and outstanding facilitation skills."

Joan Wallace Benjamin
President and CEO, The Home for Little Wanderers