Government Agencies

With the demands from all quarters to cut government waste and reduce budgets, Bridgeway Partners helps your government agency become more productive in three ways:

  1. Increase the impact of your funding by targeting high-leverage, sustainable solutions to the problems you want to solve.
  2. Educate leaders to manage their time more effectively by improving how they manage their energy and focus.
  3. Improve collaboration with stakeholders in the nonprofit and private sectors by engaging in community-wide efforts designed to solve chronic, complex social problems.

Case Study

A national government-sponsored leadership development institute engaged Bridgeway Partners each of the past seven years to provide systems thinking training and coaching to its fellows. The fellows take what they learn in an initial onsite session and receive guidance on how to implement these insights and tools through leading system-wide change in their respective organizations and communities around the country.

Guidance is provided through homework assignments and videoconferences to facilitate ongoing distance learning. The fellows, all focused on improving public health, have implemented important changes in such areas as air quality, child care, emergency response, food safety, and water quality.

"The Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute has taught me how to think differently about solutions and challenges, looking at causality and root problems instead of reaction-based activities and the status quo."

Jefferson Ketchel
Public Health– Seattle and King County, Washington