To set up a complimentary session with Marilyn, please read the first chapter of her book online, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys, Penguin, 2004 and then contact her.

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Individual Professionals

As a successful professional, you may often feel seriously overworked and rushed, while struggling with disorganization, missed deadlines, and fatigue. Bridgeway Partners works with a wide range of individual professionals who are seeking to improve their professional effectiveness and sense of well-being. Whether you work part time, fulltime, or are self-employed, we can help.

Free up the patterns of thought and behavior that lock overwhelm and ineffectiveness in place. Discover ways of working and renewing yourself that enhance your focus and energy. You can combine a focus on improving skills with deepening your sense of professional and personal meaning

Clients come to us because we understand that:

  • Renewal is a key to professional effectiveness
  • Changing habits of overwork and over-commitment are vital to increasing effectiveness
  • Decreasing long-term habits of personal chaos can be essential in moving on in life
  • It’s possible to make hard tradeoffs and come out ahead
  • Change must be focused on strengthening personal qualities such as courage, conviction, and patience, not just skill development
  • Setting boundaries is an important part of getting organized and a key aspect of this path to personal growth
  • The path to change is highly individual

And then we will show you how to take new actions based on this knowledge:

Case Study

Gil came to Bridgeway Partners for help with focusing and controlling his time. As head of his organization, it was important that he focus on his priorities, yet weariness and difficulty completing key work and meeting deadlines were his key complaints. Every task and goal seemed to be a priority. Even though he maintained a long term meditation practice, he felt out of control, working long hours and not getting to what mattered most. He now says, "I can do the hard work of setting good boundaries and dealing with interruptions and distractions much more consistently. I have redefined my role and am much happier in my work."