Catalyze Large Systems Change

“Our work is connected – but we’re not”

Leaders of social and environmental change initiatives are confronted by several challenges.

  • The problems are complex and have defied people’s best efforts to address them.

  • The social dynamics are equally complex – characterized by diverse assumptions about underlying causes and preferred solutions, competition for resources, and ambiguity about accountability.

  • Everyone sees how they can fix the problem but few people if any recognize how they are part of the problem.

We are deeply experienced in working with leaders to meet these challenges. We partner with clients in four different ways:


What People Are Saying
  • “Your work in applying Systems Thinking with our grantees has enabled them to collaborate more effectively and target changes where we can have the greatest impact collectively.”

    David Nee
    Executive Director, W.C. Graustein Memorial Fund

  • “You expanded the view of service providers so that they are now committed to helping the consumer overall instead of just ‘doing their own thing’ as individual organizations. The goals of our new plan to end homelessness derive directly from your analysis.”

    Jennifer Schrand Bentley
    Manager Of Outreach And Development, Legal Services Of South Central Michigan

  • “David has an extremely practical knowledge of systems and how they function.”

    Joan Wallace Benjamin
    President and CEO, Home for Little Wanderers

  • “David, your opening presentation anchored the conference experience for participants. You are a natural storyteller in the best possible ways!”

    Renee Branch
    Vice President for Programs, Council on Foundations