Sustain Energy and Focus

Healthy Work Practices

Leaders, groups, and organizations can transform the experience of overwhelm and frustrating busy-ness into one of smoother, more sustainable accomplishment of what matters most.

  • Are you pouring time, energy, time, and money into work that is not getting you the results that matter to you most?

  • Are people frustrated by spinning their wheels? Are they often on edge in the face of recurrent conflicts? Are they exhausted by putting out one fire after another?

  • Do expectations consistently outpace people’s capacity to meet them?  

You and your people can learn to:

  • Identify the sources of phantom (aka unnecessary) workload that keep everyone on a pointless and enervating treadmill.

  • Increase the productivity of your goal-setting, meetings management, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and accountability charting practices.

  • Shift a non-stop work culture based on the assumption that doing more always gets more done to a “results-and-renewal” culture that recognizes both hard work and renewal as the keys to sustainable success.

We Guide You To

  • Clarify the costs and root causes of chronic overload at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

  • Establish strategies and practices for utilizing limited resources in productive and sustainable ways.
  • Change the way you make agreements about allocating work.


What People Are Saying
  • “David and Marilyn enabled me to reflect on my time management behaviors in ways I never have.
    I am now charged and excited.”

    Robert Muller
    Director, Supply Chain Planning, QVC

  • “The Executive Time Management program enabled our organization to understand the root causes of our difficulties in managing time. We learned through great content and exercises to better manage information, reduce phantom workload, make SMART requests and commitments, and increase meeting productivity.”

    Blackford Middleton
    Director, Clinical Informatics R & D, Partners HealthCare

  • “We appreciate Marilyn’s clarity, her profound skill in identifying the critical issues, her commitment to working through difficult conversations, and partnering with us to move to our next level as a system.”

    Marlene Seltzer
    President, Jobs for the Future

  • “Marilyn, you were superb and greatly appreciated by all your listeners! Thank you or your delightful style, your compassionate approach, your spiritual insights, and your thoughtful encouragement.”

    Elizabeth Dodson Gray
    Theological Opportunities Program, Cambridge, MA